Appian Way Bike Tour

appian way bike tour


 Roman countryside bike tour of the Appian Way.

 See thermal baths, ancient tombs and Roman ruins

 Licensed professional guide

 Our path has been carefully studied and created so that you can pedal in safety.

 Includes: Small Group Tour experience, Professional tour guide, multi speed bike rental, helmet and an unforgettable experience!

 Moderately difficult. Terrain mostly paved roads.


Appian Way Bike Tour


Our private Ancient Appian Way Bike Tour will give you the unique opportunity to combine history, archaeology, landscapes and nature in one tour. The Appian Way, "Queen of the Ways," was inaugurated on 312BC by Appius Claudius, and was the first major road to the south of Italy.

This Bike Tour experience takes you on the first few miles of a road suspended in time, a road where modernity gives way to history. Don’t miss this great opportunity to travel back in time to the Roman era! During the bike tour you will visit the Baths of Caracalla, that was the largest existing sports and bathing place in the Roman Empire. The Arch of Drusus, son of Augustus, that demonstrates a willingness to flaunt its value on a road that was the most eloquent expression of Rome's power.

We also visit the Church of "Domine quo vadis", built on the place where Peter met Jesus in a vision and asked him, "Lord, where are you going? The cradle of Christianity and the archives of the early Church. The Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella: a colossal grave and symbol of the road.The Villa dei Quintili, the largest and most sumptuous residence of the Roman suburbs.